Gal Agnostiske Dr​ø​mmer

by Second To Sun

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- Satan arrives. The first song is about the introduction of seeds of the flickering sparks race of aliens to one of Satan's servants, a demon named Elizazdra. This leads to a conflict between aliens and Satan. As a result, the demon explodes, and Satan is forced by the ruler of the universe to buy in a store a special extraterrestrial roll. Satan departs.
- The second song is about purchasing the special extraterrestrial roll by Satan. Satan arrives and departs for the roll. By the appearance at home with the roll, it turns out that Elizazdra survived and her stomach has a built-in alien probe, and she accepted Christianity. The demon sues Satan and wins the case in the Hague's court. Now Satan owes millions of dollars to Elizazdra.
- The lyrics are beyond your understanding
11.03.11 00:34
- About the tragic events of the flood in Japan in 2011
Japans Tarer 03:52
- The track tells the story of how Satan came to Earth in our Universe and made the flood, as he was much annoyed by the lack of money and non-payed of alimony. Satan departs.
Fenrisulfr 10:20
- The song tells the story about Fenrir, the ruler of the half of the planet Earth. The essence of his reign is that he was licking his genitals and thus subdued the Earthlings, who quickly gave up all the best, because they believed that Fenrir is the smartest person in the world and the leader. After that the space aliens have started to build the pyramids all around on Earth.
- The lyrics are beyond your understanding
Kosebamse 03:58
- Superman arrives. He is immediately killed by Bear Theodore, a pedophile and communist. After that the space aliens force their slaves on Earth to polish the pyramids by copper buckets, so that the pyramids could shine so the Teddy would see it. As a result, by coincidence caused by the arrival of Satan, some of the pyramids are moved to the Earth.
- Satan arrives and asks his manager to clone pigs, as his family don't have enough to eat. The manager says that he can not do it, because in one of the parallel universes the Pig-Spider-Man didn't win, and because of this, in another parallel universe Byzantine Empire collapsed. This has led to an imbalance of the forces of the Universe. Satan leaves in sadness, knowing that he will have to pay alimony to one of the demons to the end of his life. The end.


This record is the reissue of the first album of Epoch Crysis band. The band which almost entirely consisted of the future Second to Sun members. Its reissue became possible only because of the band's fan-base.

The release is based on a complex concept where the black metal is deprived of rigid religious background in the form of Satanism and its place entirely replaced by agnosticism and the absurd uncertainty of being. Lyrics on the album are written in a fictitious language, which sounds like a mixture of Norwegian, Icelandic and Finnish, and the album's title can be translated from this language as "crazy agnostic's dreams." The absolute chaos is going on in a parallel universe of the dreams of the crazy agnostic: Satan does exist but works as a traveling salesman because he can't feed his followers, and therefore, regularly travel to other planets in order to replenish the supply of food and earn money; half the Earth is enslaved by space aliens, building the only pyramids which require a perfect polishing done by their human slaves using copper buckets, and the other half of the planet is belong to the crazy man-wolf philosopher Fenrir, which licks his penis and ass, as the millions of his followers too; the ruler of the universe is the insidious pedophile Teddy bear.

Clear parallels with the Russian classical literature can be found in the release, which, however, were brought to the point of absurdity; the universe of Marvel superheroes, which also was brought to the point of absurdity, and other literary works.

Get ready, it will be cold as the infinite cosmic space.


released August 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Second To Sun Sweden

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