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Alyoshenka (Kyshtym Dwarf) is an unidentified creature (in some more radical theories of extra-terrestrial origin) that was found in the town of Kyshtym. According to the sceptics, the evidence of the creature’s existence is anecdotal and the entire thing is more of an urban legend that originated in the mid-90s in Russia. The believers in the Kyshtym Dwarf’s existence, however, claim that the urban legend is based on the actual event of acquiring a real anthropomorphic artefact of allegedly biological origin, which was later lost. At the present time only photos and videos of the body of a creature, whose species never were - and likely never will be determined, apparently damaged by a botched mummification attempt, exist. It is impossible to prove that the creature was actually alive during the claimed period of approximately one month, as was stated by the witnesses, as well as the physiological factors – eye colour, shape of the pupil, etc., as proper video and photo monitoring of the specimen was never established while it was alive. Therefore confusing and often controversial testimonies of the self-proclaimed witnesses describing the creature’s behaviour, physiological reactions to external stimuli, feeding patterns, etc., while it “was alive” cannot be accepted as empirical evidence.


released February 22, 2017



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Second To Sun Russian Federation

Post Black Metal/Groove Metal band from Russia.

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