Second To Sun is conducted by Vladimir Klimov-Lehtinen and Theodor Borovski

Produced by Theodor Borovski and Vladimir Klimov-Lehtinen

Artwork by Aleh Zelenkevich

Huge thanks to all our fans!

Special thanks to Tanya ❤


Track “Me or him” tells about an ancient Udmurtian curse. In order to cast it a person had to conduct a ritual that required suicide of the person casting it. The book “Dawks of my udmurtian axe” by Vyacheslav Ar-Sergi (Мои засечки удмуртским топором, Вячеслав Ар-Серги) says “It takes incredible effort to put an Udmurt out of temper, however, should one succeed in doing so, bringing him back into his previous state is no longer possible. In this condition Udmurt takes fatal decisions, ones that cannot be changed or reversed, and sometimes these decisions are tragic. The world in the eyes of the Udmurt becomes flawed, inept and no longer desirable or even acceptable if such completely unnecessary things as conflicts, enemies etc begin to contaminate it, like some infectious diseases. When it happens the Udmurt has a toss-up which have, as does any coin, only two possible choices (sides): me or him… The most terrible decision the Udmurt could take in such situation was to go to the offender and hang himself in his yard. That lead to the enemy’s name getting dragged in the mud forever, his fate was to become the target of endless prosecutions and inevitably become devastated and impoverished. His descendants would forever bear the black mark of a soul-murdering father. Matchmakers had always been careful about the history of candidates, so bearing a pitch-brand would tremendously cut the chances for the young men to find a good marriage. In most cases they would simply get the mitten.

- Band was using krez (Udmurtian variation of gusli) in recording this track
-There are several folk melodies that had been reconstructed with help of chants, learned in different regions of Udmurtia


from The First Chapter (Instrumental Edition), track released August 12, 2015


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Metal band from Russia.

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