by Second To Sun

Chokk Kapper
Region 13
The Yoke
The Fool
Idemevs (Bonus Track)
Spirituality (Bonus Track)


The album includes artwork and story lines for each individual track, which should not be ignored if a person is to truly understand the songs.


releases November 16, 2016



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Track Name: Vasilisa
Vasilisa the Beautiful - the character of Russian fairy tales, and also eponymous drawing of an outstanding artist of the Russian Empire Ivan Bilibin. He was born in the Finnish village Seppälänkylä (smithy village), not far from St. Petersburg. There is a legend that Ivan has Finnish or Karelian origin: indirect confirmation of that is that the picture "Vasilisa the Beautiful" was painted in many places of the different regions populated by northern Finno-Ugric peoples in that time, and the prototype for the picture was created in Vesiegonsk county of the Tver province: the woman in the foreground was a native Karelian from Yogna village.

Ivan Bilibin's picture formed the basis for the art for the track, and the plot from the fairy tale with Baba Yaga partly became the basis for the musical part of the song.
Track Name: Ladoga Master
In its recent report Karelian newsportal has stated that:

”Ladoga master” shoots the tourists at Karelian lake.

"The incident took place on Saturday 15, 2015. At approximately 8:00 PM a man in the boat started shooting at people on the beach while also cursing in foul language and shouting “Ladoga is mine!”

At that time there were many women and kids on the beach whom the man scared to death. Tourists from St. Petersburg managed to get close to the armed man who reacted by pressing the armed gun against the stomach of one of the tourists.

Fortunately no one was hurt and the tragedy was avoided, as was stated in social media public page “Lahdenpohja navsegda” (Lahdenpohja forever). The man was disarmed of his rifle; he himself was securely tied and delivered to the recreation facility from where the police was called. The arrested “rifleman” appeared to be a citizen of Sortavala, born in 1954 and completely drunk."